Sumit Sharma
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Office: 181 Stocker Center

Academic Training
Post-Doc: Princeton University (Chemical Engineering)
PhD: Columbia University (Chemical Engineering)
MS: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Chemical Engineering)
BS: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (Chemical Engineering)



Himanshu Singh
PhD student (Fall 2016 – )
MS: Ohio University (Chemical Engineering)
BS: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (Material Science)
Research: Adsorption, aggregation and transport properties of organic corrosion inhibitors near metal-water interfaces

Ramin Mehrani
PhD student (Summer 2018 – )
MS: Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
BS: Azad University
Research: Effect of different surface morphologies of particles in viscoelastic properties of suspensions.

Xueying Ko
PhD student (Fall 2015 – )
MS: University of Cincinnati (Materials Science)
BS: Southwest University (Materials Physics)
Research: Study of adsorption and self-assembly of surfactants on surfaces using coarse-grained models

Patrick Chirdon
MS (BME) student (Fall 2018 – )
BS: Case Western Reserve University (Biology)
Research: Computational studies to design ligands for inhibiting protein dimerization

Mohammadreza (Reza) Aghaaminiha
PhD student (Fall 2017 – )
MS: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Environmental Engineering)
BS: Sharif University of Technology (Chemical Engineering)
Research: Phase behavior of lipid bilayers and lipid-nanoparticle interactions

Abolfazl Faeli
PhD student (Fall 2019 – )
BS: Sharif University of Technology (Chemical Engineering)

Zahra (Athena) Ghiasi
M.S. student (BME) (Fall 2019 – )
BS: Amirkabir University of Technology (Chemical Engineering)


Mohsen Ghasemi
MS (Mechanical Engineering) (Fall 2015 – Fall 2017)
(BS: University of Tehran)
Current: PhD student, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

Yathish Kurapati
MS (Chemical Engineering) (Fall 2015 – Fall 2017) (with Dr. David Young)
(BS: Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
Current: Data Scientist at HighRadius Corporation (Houston, Texas)

Sara Schulz
BS student
Research: Binding energy calculations for protein-ligand docking

Mahmoud Ramadan
BS student
Research: Monte Carlo simulations of surfactant adsorption and aggregation
Current: PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology